Perplexing Time of Year

            We are entering into what is arguably the most perplexing time of the year.  On the one side Christmas (Note I did not  use “Xmas” or “Festive Season”) is a season of great joy, of loving and of much generosity.  There is something very special that comes upon most people at this time of year.  BUT on the other side there is sadness, depression and tears as we recall the events that have taken place in our memories and experiences.  I have discussed “Anniversaries”, and their significances, on several occasions in past articles.  But there is something unique about the month of December as we recall family members that have died (certainly including animals) and the anguish which we may still be experiencing as results.

            SEVERAL months ago I gave the eulogy at the funeral of me dearest and best friend:  Don.  He was suffering from C.O.P.D. along with other issues.  His life was almost anything but kind in his latter days.  I can still recall receiving the call one Sunday morning to rush to his home to assist Don’s wife who simply said “I think Don’s dead!”  As I wrote the eulogy I started to laugh because there were so many enjoyable moments to remember.  Beyond this I was also thankful that Don’s awful struggles just to breathe were terrible to behold and he was no longer suffering.  I love Don, and always will. But his difficulties are finished.

            Why am I telling you about my problems?  Simple!  They serve to outline pet loss as well.  Often we want to keep our pets around even though they are in pain and suffering:  a battle of “quantity” of life rather than “quality”.  During this season, when you ponder the animals you have lost as well as the human friends, take time to give thanks that THEIR sufferings are ended and, thereafter, think of all the wonderful memories and experiences that each brought to you:  true “GIFTS” that are eternal.  I hope that, through some sadness, you can laugh and be content that your lives have been enriched by those that have come into your lives, if only for short times.  Yes, I miss Don, but he will NEVER leave my thoughts and memories.                     Brien

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