This is a wonderful day in the year:  an opportunity to thank all mothers for caring and loving us unconditionally.  In many places this is also known as “Family Sunday” in celebration that mother’s are usually the cement that keep families together.  Yesterday I watched a short video on an Australian Sheep Dog that is part of the “team” at the Cincinnati Zoo.  It cares for new animals such as ocelots, lynx and leopards.  It teaches these infants how to be themselves, how to play; how to be sociable; how to function as individuals.  And then I watched one of my favourite movies:  “HEAVEN IS FOR REAL”.  We may refer to “Heaven” in many ways: many of us believe in an after-life and, hopefully, a better place to be.  There is a line in this movie where the 4 year old boy, Colton, says that he saw Jesus’ horse.  When questioned by his father Colton comments that “there are lots of animals in Heaven (of all kinds).  One of the questions I am usually asked when I speak to people who are grieving is:  “Do you believe in an after-life”;  “do you believe  XXXX has gone to another life”?  I do, as a personal belief.  The point I am trying to make here is that even in a faith-based place like “Valhalla” ANIMALS ARE INCLUDED AND A LARGE PART OF THE POPULATION.  A “wonderful day” to thank mothers-  human and other animal life- for loving, sharing and upholding us throughout our lives.  Much thanks for all mothers.                             BRIEN





  1. I really enjoyed this posting and “Yes” I do believe in afterlife. This morning I thought all 3 of my deceased Furbabies were just outside the bathroom door. It was as if I could feel their energies – you must think I’m crazy, But they can come to visit.(I’ve had previous experiences that were awesome) Thanks again, Brien.

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