I am often asked about the courses that are offered:  “Burnout, Compassion Fatigue & Vicarious Trauma” AND  “Counselling to Support Others in Need”.  The former is a seminar / power point presentation of about 2 ½ hours duration but I offer the remainder of the same day for individual and small group discussions. The latter courses is about 3 days, power point with much interaction leading to  participants being trained to support others who are experiencing grief and suffering.  I generally have NO ATTENDANCE LIMITS although I “Burnout” is best with 10 – 12 in a group.  Although I do hold these courses in my local area I prefer to be in the geographical area of the participants since the costs are significantly reduced.  I encourage both advertisement and sponsorships for both courses. 

It is wise to have  discussion if there is interest in these courses, or suggestions for others.  To that end you are welcome to inquire when convenient.  Commenting further, the “Burnout” seminar was created and encouraged by people such as veterinarians and their staff people who face the continuous effects of burnout, compassion fatigue & vicarious trauma.”  The “Counsellor training” was initially requested by various people living in rural and / or lower population areas who may be far away from any support mechanisms.                                                            BRIEN   (519)  744-3784







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