Yesterday (Monday), at about noon, I received a telephone call from a family member.  One of our close relatives, who is already in a hospice, had made the decision, with his family, for ASSISTED DEATH.  He feels that there is no chance for quality of life and now he, with his terminal state, is, in his words: “a burden on my family”.

            As I thought about this I can relate it to euthanizing a pet.  In general, their quality of life is virtually ended and they remain in need of continuous care and treatment, if any is available.  Many of the people I talk to believe that they are “doing something  wrong” if they make the decision to euthanize. But the reality is that one of the responsibilities of pet owners is to be a loving voice for their animal, which includes making both good and not so good decisions.  To end an animal’s pain and suffering, its inability to walk or urinate properly;  to make a loving decision that, for all the wonderful life and experiences your pet has afforded, brings deserves peace and freedom.      brien



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