Pet Loss CanadaBereavement Support For People Who Have Lost Their Pet Animal
It is natural to miss a loved one and need to psychologically and emotionally “regroup” as each person experiences their own journey through loss and, perhaps, an ultimate realization that their lives will be forever altered. Pet Loss Canada is a non-profit organization that has been established to assist all those who are experiencing the impending loss or are grieving the death of an animal, including all related issues that arise as consequences.

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  • “A safe place to learn about and process our loss.”
  • “We were so thankful to have been a part of these sessions.”
  • “We never would have come to terms with our grief as quickly as we did”
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The Power of Counselling

Counselling for those who have or are experiencing the great loss of a beloved pet is incredibly rewarding and a true honour. Those who walk the road of grief / mourning are generally able, with family and friend support, to reach a successful conclusion believing that the pain and suffering will eventually subside but will never entirely disappear.  However, there are many others who, for various reasons, become “stuck” at some point in their grief processes and need the assistance of a trained, empathetic counsellor to be able to continue their journey.Budgie Pet Loss Canada

The first requirement in every loss is to realize that our beloved pet has not “passed on”, “gone to sleep” or “has gone away” but, in fact, is dead.  This may sound harsh but there needs to be a realization that the pet will never physically return to us. Hopefully this realitywill be replaced by the wonderful thoughts and memories of the pleasant moments our pet gave to us while being a part of the family.

Pain, sorrow and especially anger can be extremely debilitating.  A woman who, not being able to have children, saw her three dogs as her “children”.  They all died within a relatively short period of time causing even more extreme pain and rage.  The first night of a group course this person sat all night, physically removed from the other members of the group, believing she was alone, Older Dogand, while continuously looking at the pictures of her pets, she cried and wailed uncontrollably.  She expressed considerable anger at the veterinarians who had cared for her dogs for 15 years but, in the end, could not prevent death. As the course continued through weeks 2 and 3 she slowly began to realize that others in the group were also experiencing pain and suffering of their own.  Her crying slowly subsided and by week three after a discussion with her and her family she was able to express some happiness and much less annoyance.  Now, several months later, she sends me pictures of her new animals and also occasional jokes:  her anger has somewhat gone and she has been able to develop a bond with a new pet friend.

Cute Puppy

Can anyone ask for more?  To witness the “before” and “after” results of counselling are awe inspiring for all.  Each individual story carries with it the pain and experiences of those involved.  This story represents the reason for counselling in pet loss and the ultimate reward of eventually moving forward with life:  recognizing that the hole in our hearts that was created by the loss will not go away, but that we will be able to accept its presence and allow ourselves to develop a new direction for our lives where other pet friends are welcome and appreciated.

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  1. I have lost my pet cat today February 18th. On the 14th I noticed she stopped eating and drinking.
    I braught her to the vet and they said she had diabetes.I had rescued her and had her for about 5-6 years.
    I believe she was sick for a while now and I never saw symptoms. And she just crashed very very fast.
    They kept her in for 5 days on IV trying to get her back but I think her system was so sick it could not rebuilt itself. We decided to let her go. It’s hard she was my favourite. I just wish I knew sooner she was sick etc…

  2. I am dying snide. My fur baby has been sick a while. I thought he just found a good hiding place in the closet. The first vet said nothing. I went to another and she said his white blood count was but that was it. He stopped eating and started drinking more water than normal. I took him to the emergency vet, they did x-rays. They said the reason why he whimpered when I picked him up was because he had a mass that was pushing against to the side. If also bothered his chest.
    I am going n vacation for 20 days. I couldn’t get anyone to stay with but a lady was coming in to feed him and my sister would do the same at night. I worried though. He tried to jump on the bed last night and couldn’t do it.
    I feel guilty. I should have cancelled the trip and stayed st home. He would be wrapped in my arms right now. I am so depressed and guilty, I will ruin any fun to be with. His litter mate died 2 weeks ago due to kidney failure the vet said my cat could last about 3 weeks. Since I didn’t want hi to hurt himself or got sicker and died before I got home.
    I feel so selfish. I have had to put down pets over the year but this cat stuck to my side like glue. He wanted me to protect hi. From the other cats.
    I hate myself. Please help!!!

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