Pet Loss CanadaBereavement Support For People Who Have Lost Their Pet Animal
It is natural to miss a loved one and need to psychologically and emotionally “regroup” as each person experiences their own journey through loss and, perhaps, an ultimate realization that their lives will be forever altered. Pet Loss Canada is a non-profit organization that has been established to assist all those who are experiencing the impending loss or are grieving the death of an animal, including all related issues that arise as consequences.

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The Power of Counselling

Counselling for those who have or are experiencing the great loss of a beloved pet is incredibly rewarding and a true honour. Those who walk the road of grief / mourning are generally able, with family and friend support, to reach a successful conclusion believing that the pain and suffering will eventually subside but will never entirely disappear.  However, there are many others who, for various reasons, become “stuck” at some point in their grief processes and need the assistance of a trained, empathetic counsellor to be able to continue their journey.Budgie Pet Loss Canada

The first requirement in every loss is to realize that our beloved pet has not “passed on”, “gone to sleep” or “has gone away” but, in fact, is dead.  This may sound harsh but there needs to be a realization that the pet will never physically return to us. Hopefully this realitywill be replaced by the wonderful thoughts and memories of the pleasant moments our pet gave to us while being a part of the family.

Pain, sorrow and especially anger can be extremely debilitating.  A woman who, not being able to have children, saw her three dogs as her “children”.  They all died within a relatively short period of time causing even more extreme pain and rage.  The first night of a group course this person sat all night, physically removed from the other members of the group, believing she was alone, Older Dogand, while continuously looking at the pictures of her pets, she cried and wailed uncontrollably.  She expressed considerable anger at the veterinarians who had cared for her dogs for 15 years but, in the end, could not prevent death. As the course continued through weeks 2 and 3 she slowly began to realize that others in the group were also experiencing pain and suffering of their own.  Her crying slowly subsided and by week three after a discussion with her and her family she was able to express some happiness and much less annoyance.  Now, several months later, she sends me pictures of her new animals and also occasional jokes:  her anger has somewhat gone and she has been able to develop a bond with a new pet friend.

Cute Puppy

Can anyone ask for more?  To witness the “before” and “after” results of counselling are awe inspiring for all.  Each individual story carries with it the pain and experiences of those involved.  This story represents the reason for counselling in pet loss and the ultimate reward of eventually moving forward with life:  recognizing that the hole in our hearts that was created by the loss will not go away, but that we will be able to accept its presence and allow ourselves to develop a new direction for our lives where other pet friends are welcome and appreciated.

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  1. I lost my 10 year old Boston terrier Magoo to cancer March 2. He had a large tumour on his liver and we bleeding internally from the night before and I didn’t know until we saw a specialist on the 2nd. My vet did blood work a year ago and his enzymes were elevated and they kept repeating the blood work and his enzymes kept going higher but my vet said she wasn’t concerned a week and a half before he passed. He was always drooling and I kept telling her I was worried he was in pain. I am so lost without him. There is such a gaping empty hole in our house without him. I am hurting so bad and I’m angry at the vet for not doing something and I feel like I let him down by not knowing something and not pushing for something to be done. We have another 10 year old Boston named Diesel and he is lost without his buddy as they were together all their lives. I also have a six year old Boxer named Bella who is trying to console me right now because I’m crying so much and I should be consoling her. Magoo’ s spot on the bed is empty and his spot on the sofa is empty. I know it will slowly get better but right now it’s not and it’s so hard. Thank you to anyone that takes the time to read this as my heart breaks for everyone else out there that goes through this pain. I can only hope the Rainbow Bridge is real and one day I can be with my Magoo again. Mommy loves you my sweet perfect beautiful boy.

    • Im so so sorry for your loss. I understand your pain, you’re so blessed to have had your baby for 10 years! Not to worry since the Rainbow bridge IS real find comfort that there is no pain there. You love your dogs so much it’s so clear you deserved to have your friend and although your family has changed in time the new dynamic will make sense again, a new normal, now with an angel pup watching over you. I truly believe that they visit us, i swear ive heard my Dobe walking and yawning (he would kind of squeak with a good yawn lol) hes been gone 3 months…my baby wasnt even 3 1/2 years old…we never get enough time (with anyone) try and soak up the love from your dogs and everything around you, remember all of your beautiful times with your best friend- that’s their gift to us- they would never want us to feel guilt when they’re gone, you will find peace. They are treasures in our journey and they are meant for us, so much to learn in this life and without them in it at all would be empty. You are such a great pet owner to have helped Magoo, focus on self care when you can…drink water, eat whatever you feel like whenever you’re feeling like it. You will find ways to cope eventually.

      • Thank you Kristy for saying that rainbow bridge is real. I am sorry for your loss of Dobe. We lost our sweet Magoo 2 days ago and I have felt him brush on my leg and saw his spirit many times running and happy.My heart still aches really bad though from missing him 🙁

  2. I lost my 15 year old cat in last October due to kidney problem. I could not get over in later three months. Unfortunately I also lost another 11 year old British blue cat on Mar 13 because of heart disease. Both were euthanasia as the veterinarians suggested. Those happened within 5 months. I am really heartbroken right now. I can’t stop blaming myself and crying. I can’t stop thinking about them. The only thing I want to do is to stay quiet. I know I can do nothing to get them back. But I don’t know what to believe. Where are they? Are they okay without my care? Are they cold at night?…. I know I should cheer up. But I don’t know how.

    • Hi Vicky , I am just seating here crying my heart out over the loss of my sweet cat Freddy , we had to put him to sleep on March 8 (2 weeks ago) . He was 13 years old and was diagnosed with cancer and after weeks of tests and trips to the vet and cancer specialists there was nothing we could do . I tried to keep him alive as long as possible but after a while I could see he started to suffer and I couldn’t bare it . It was by far the most difficult and painful decision I had to make . I think a part of me died with him that afternoon and I can’t stop crying , I miss him so much . I don’t think I will ever get over this pain and loss I feel . I am so sorry about your double loss , I feel your pain , you are not alone .
      Take care , hugs .

      • Hi Mary,
        Thank you for sharing. I am so sorry for your loss. I feel so much pain for your loss and my loss right now. I would rather believe their spirits are around me. But it doesn’t help. I don’t think I will get over this huge grief either. But I know we must move on. I wonder if there is any way we can fully express our feeling.
        It is a sunny day. I should go outside with my pain even for doing nothing. Lets try to cheer up.

      • The vet suggested euthyhanasia after they checked. The whole process was in 2hours after my cat got heart disease. It went so fast. I feel guilty because I don’t think my cat was ready to die. I made the wrong decision about the time because my mind was blank by shocking. I should have given her some time to accept. That is my fault. It is why my cat’s spirit didn’t come to visit me😢😢 I feel so terrible.

        • This is the most difficult stage of the grieving process ….guilt….regret …what if ….
          Believe me it doesn’t matter how or when we all have these terrible feelings ,I keep thinking that maybe I let it go too long ,mostly for my sake . I let my sweet Freddy suffer just so I could keep him around a little longer. Now I keep thinking of the pain in his eyes and I feel so guilty , I keep crying and ask him to forgive me for being so selfish . Don’t feel bad , you did what you thought was best and your kitties know how very much you love them . You will see them again ….this is not the end.
          Hugs – Mary.

          • Hi Mary
            I am sorry for late reply. Thanks for being with me. I took the ashes of my baby LeLe back home last Saturday. It was another heartbroken moment. I pretended she was just sleeping at somewhere in the house in these few days. It made me feel a little better. It is difficult to believe she is no longer alive. I still can feel her warm body and remember she talked to me when she saw me step in the ICU room. My kitties gave me too much in my life. However unfortunately, I lose both of them when I just made a big change after decade of crazy busy work. I tried my best to provide them everything best for keeping them stay healthy. But life is destiny that I can’t control.
            I hope you feel better from your loss. I used to be a strong person and always supported the others who were in hard time. But at this moment I am too weak. I even don’t know what to say to make you feel better. I am so sorry.
            I am grateful to you for all your support.

    • I am so sorry for your loss. I wonder the same thing..Is he okay, is he warm and cared for..but I believe they are feeling happiness and not afraid.Our sweet magoo was 15 and we lost him 2 days ago.My heart hurts Bless you

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