Live From The Field

               It is now March 03, 2018 and I have just returned from the funeral held for a rather wonderful man whom I respected very much.  As the service was continuing I started to think of Pet Loss Canada and the journey that we have travelled with all who needed our love and support.  I am in my 74th year, and soon will be leaving PLC.  BUT I hope that someone will come along who will want to continue the work being done here.  I would hate to see the needs of people ever growing while this support is left behind.  As part of the funeral service the following poem was read which, as I listened, had a definite place on this site as well for bidding our loving and caring animals adieu.  So I give it to you as well:


                                                                           FAREWELL MY FRIENDS


Farewell my friends.  It is beautiful as long as it lasted, the journey of my life.

I have no regrets, whatsoever said, the pain I’ll leave behind.

Those dear hearts who love and care…. And the strings pulling at the heart and soul…

The strong arms hat held me up when my own strength let me down.


At the turning of my life I came across Good Friends,

Friends who stood by me even when time  raced me by’

Farewell, farewell my friends I smile and bid you goodbye.

No, shed no tears for I need them not:  all I need is your smile.

If you feel sad do think of me for that’s what I’ll like.


When you live in the hearts of those you love

Remember then You never die





            This is one of my favourite secular songs for Christmas.  I reminds us that Christmas is in the young and the ”young at heart”.  I have been out walking my usual routes for the past few days and have noticed all sorts of people, dressed warmly and comfortably, walking a dog which has a “horse blanket” and no foot coverings.  On long haired animals the cold will not be as harsh as with short hairs, but their feet are still exposed.  Unfortunately, many municipalities are still using salt-sand combinations, which for the dogs, can get in between their toes and cause several irritation.  If you do not wish to hace protective boots designed especially for animals, THEN PLEASE MAKE CERTAIN TO WIPE THE PAWS OFF EITHER WITH A TOWEL or rinse them off with warm water and dry.

            Regarding the “horse blanket style” I am not certain what it does except to keep their spines warm.  I watch the other day as the cold wind was blowing down the street, went under the dog’s coat, and almost turned her into “Mary Poppins”.  Please try to purchase or make a wind “jacket” or sweater top which covers much of the dog’s torso, especially the abdomen and hind end areas which are most susceptible to pneumonia and arthritis.

            On behalf of Tim and I, and our families, we extend warm Christmas greetings to you and your pets.  May you all enjoy “DASHING THROUGH THE SNOW” and celebrating this glorious occasion.                    Brien