This is one of my favourite secular songs for Christmas.  I reminds us that Christmas is in the young and the ”young at heart”.  I have been out walking my usual routes for the past few days and have noticed all sorts of people, dressed warmly and comfortably, walking a dog which has a “horse blanket” and no foot coverings.  On long haired animals the cold will not be as harsh as with short hairs, but their feet are still exposed.  Unfortunately, many municipalities are still using salt-sand combinations, which for the dogs, can get in between their toes and cause several irritation.  If you do not wish to hace protective boots designed especially for animals, THEN PLEASE MAKE CERTAIN TO WIPE THE PAWS OFF EITHER WITH A TOWEL or rinse them off with warm water and dry.

            Regarding the “horse blanket style” I am not certain what it does except to keep their spines warm.  I watch the other day as the cold wind was blowing down the street, went under the dog’s coat, and almost turned her into “Mary Poppins”.  Please try to purchase or make a wind “jacket” or sweater top which covers much of the dog’s torso, especially the abdomen and hind end areas which are most susceptible to pneumonia and arthritis.

            On behalf of Tim and I, and our families, we extend warm Christmas greetings to you and your pets.  May you all enjoy “DASHING THROUGH THE SNOW” and celebrating this glorious occasion.                    Brien




Well, it’s that time of year again:  a time when the temperatures rise and some people’s “intelligence quotient” drops into the Arctic like a piece of ice.  In a CNN headline today we see:  “Dozens of kids die in hot cars each year”.  Isn’t this amazing: we, who are supposed to be the most intelligent of all animals upon this earth are so careless as to thoughtlessly leave children in hot vehicles, windows closed, so that the intense heat of the sun can make portable “ovens” on wheels to fry our kids.  Sounds gruesome, doesn’t it?!”  Can you imagine roasting to death in a car, like baking in a sauna or frying in a fire.

We recognize, I hope, that this is the “TIME FOR STUPIDITY AGAIN” as it is every year.  But what about our animals- our furry friends who love us so much, without voices, that put us in charge of making decisions for them.  As with children, can you imagine a more gruesome way to die?  Often the excuse post mortem is “I was only out of the car for a minute” or “I got delayed and forgot ………….”.  And we accept this?  I hope not!

So, this year, let us take care of our animal friends with cooling breezes and plenty of drinking water, NOT with intense heat and continuous dissolution of air masses.                                      brien