The schedule for PET LOSS GRIEF sessions and Professional’s Stress / Grief Discussions are now planned. The schedules are as follows:

Pet Loss Grief: A 3 consecutive week course starting on the third Thursday of each month commencing January 20, 2011. The nominal cost for this course is $50.00.

Professional’s Stress / Grief: on-going discussion meetings held EVERY SECOND THURSDAY of each month starting in February (10), 2011. These meetings are open to all professionals AND all staff and volunteers who work with veterinary clinics, Humane Societies or any other pet / animal support groups.

BOTH COURSES will take place in the Family Centre, Ratz-Bechtel Funeral Home, Kitchener, Ontario. ALL meetings will begin at 7:00pm and last until approximately 9:30pm

Brien T. C.P.E. Kitchener, On 519- 496-5290