The Dog Days of Summer

By: Kristin Jenkins

Cockapoo Charlie takes the heat. Photo: Manuel Rodenkirchen

My family loves animals.  Growing up in Prince Edward County across the bay from Belleville, Ont., we were fortunate to have room for two Siamese cats (brothers Argo and Minty Moo-Maw) as well as an assortment of dogs, fish, birds and horses. These animals were part of our family and their passing was felt individually and collectively as a huge loss. We always had at least two dogs (they are pack animals, after all) and sometimes, three.

But dogs don’t live as long as cats or horses and when one of our beloved canine family members passed away, we would cry for days. My father, perhaps anxious to “fix things,” would wait six months and then, despite my mother’s protestations, would arrive with a new puppy. Each dog had a distinct personality and relationship with us and all of them remain part of our family history.

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