I am watching the statistics on the many people who are visiting Pet Loss Canada. I see large percentages from considerable distances away, especially from Canada and the United States. As I am preparing my schedule for 2011 I would like you to think about “organizing to help”. You could be a part of the process to bring pet loss support to your community.  If you are interested, I would encourage you to e-mail or call me so that we can discuss the wide range of efforts that we can create together. I hope to hear from some of you who would like to ORGANIZE TO HELP.

Brien T. C.P.E. 519- 496-5290  

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Cancer in Pets

Recently a friend asked me about statistics of death, in animals, caused by cancer. I am not a veterinarian or clinician and, therefore, I would not speak specifically on the numbers.

I do know that I have lost 4 cats to cancer, including my beloved Tobias. Research informed me that heart conditions used to be the number one cause of pet loss but cancer has now replaced it as the greatest cause.

In fact, cancer is a common disease in dogs over 10 years of age and accounts for over 50% of deaths. Cancer is also common in older cats, and it is being seen more and more frequently in younger cats, and dogs as well.

But there is hope! Many forms of cancer can be treated, similar to humans with the same afflictions. However, one must remain diligent in looking for any signs of potential cancer conditions.

I would suggest that you speak with your veterinarian to learn more. The Ontario Veterinary College is developing an entire research facility dedicated to cancer research and future treatments. I would ask that you consider giving to OVC Trust Fund, designated to be used for the Hill’s Pet Nutrition Primary Healthcare Centre.

Please consider this: a treatment and cure may be as close as the money you give. Many thanks.