The Christmas season, for many people, brings back thoughts and memories of lost relatives and friends, amongst which are our beloved animal friends.  These various “triggers” can cause the return of grief symptomology.  This grief can seem, to the individual, that he / she has taken a step backwards in their journey through the processes of recovery in a new life.

There are several situations that should help to indicate that you need some support:

  • the grief should last for a relatively brief time period;
  • the manifestations of grief may return but, if you have been part of Pet Loss Bereavement group therapy, these should be less severe and will more easily subside.  HOWEVER, if they do not, please contact me and I will work through the processes with you;
  • do NOT be embarrassed or lower your self-esteem because these situations may arise-  these “anniversary” occasions are normal;
  • this is the best news:  as time passes the anniversaries will continue to be recognized and remembered but, hopefully, with less anxiety and stress

Pet Loss Canada has been developed for all animals lovers and supporters.  You are always welcome to e-mail a question or tell a story.

Bereavement Support Group

This could be a life-altering experience where you can not only discuss various issues in grieving the loss of a pet but be helped in the grief / mourning issues involving people as well.  You will have the opportunity to share with others the camaraderie of mutual support while exploring an understanding of your loss.

There are 3 group sessions, approximately 2 ½ hours each, held on 3 consecutive weeks.  The sessions will be confidential, held in peaceful surroundings and limited to 8 people.  There will also be opportunities for personal counselling ½ hour before and after each session.

SIGN UP INFORMATION SHEETS AVAILABLE by contacting Brien or through your veterinarian or pet support organization.

COURSE: October 28, November 04, 11  starting at 7:00pm

COURSE: January 2011 (details to be announced)