Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy day to speak to me this evening. It has helped me immensely, as you really understand what I am going through, and you have reassured me that how I am reacting is very normal, when you lose an animal that you loved. I enjoyed reading specifically the manifestations of grief that one experiences, when you lose a pet. I could relate to many of the feelings, and I had mentioned them on the phone to you, even before I read the document. I also enjoyed reading the Rainbow Bridge. It was beautiful and very touching. Further, I also enjoyed reading When a Pet Dies. It is so true. But, the poem Jimmy Stewart read to honour his dog, Beau, who passed away was especially heart warming and sad at the same time. I felt Jimmy Stewart’s pain, when he cried, as he showed me how much he loved his dog. That is how I am feeling right now. I’m hoping Gus will present himself to me, in spirit. I am going to order the book, the Spirituality of Pets by James Taylor tomorrow. You have helped me turn my sadness into hope. I know Gus is with me, as I feel his love all around me. -SO

Thank you for your kind words Brien.  The same can be said about you.  You have touched our hearts, and enriched our lives, by taking the time to speak to us with so much understanding.   I also, thank you so much for taking the time to speak to my son, he really enjoys talking to you as he knows you truly understand him, he told me so.  Aaron is my miracle baby, I almost lost him when I was pregnant with him, but here he is 11 years later.  -LC

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time last night to speak to me and my son. Let me tell, my son has had a rough time going to sleep since Princess’s passing.  When he would ultimately go to sleep, he would eventually wake up crying. But after you spoke to him last night he slept like the baby he is to me. Actually both sons will always be my babies, no matter how old they are.Anyway, wanted to thank you. You were heaven sent. -LC

I’d really like to thank Brien for talking to me this past Friday when I was in great loneliness and grief over my recently departed princess Chloie, a 15-year old cat. He not only responded immediately but was very supportive and was exceptionally sharp at zeroing in on the issues I am struggling with around Chloie’s passing and giving sound counseling suggestions. That is hard to find and you usually have to pay big bucks for it! Thank you for being out here in cyberland for people like me who are struggling with overwhelming grief for their furkids, who can often mean more than some of the people in their lives.  -JS

I am experiencing such an emptiness in my heart. Still cry every day since our loss. Thought I would check out this website, as it was recommended a couple of weeks ago by a friend/co-worker of my daughter who lives in Ottawa. I have been stalling to do so knowing that I am strong and will cope. But today has been difficult. Today, I finished washing and packing away many precious things – from puppy days to just the other day. From his first blanket and stuffed toy, his socks, to his brand new winter coat and Christmas presents.

Upon opening the ‘In Memoriam’ section, much to my unexpected surprise, the most recent posting happened to be from my daughter, Krista Grant. METRO was my beloved as well. I have always been Metro’s Gramma Sue; Krista, his Mommy. Needless to say, I shed a few more tears.

Metro was a very special boy. I loved him so very deeply and did my best to care for him over the years. His love in return was in fact totally unconditional. What a ‘good boy’! I miss you so.

It was hard for Krista to move back to Ottawa a number of years ago, without Metro. It was for the best at the time and I have always felt privileged in knowing that we were entrusted to look after his well-being. Cocker Spaniels as we learned can have minor health ‘issues’. However,I was not expecting this illness and Metro’s rapid decline. It hurts.

Our 18-year old cat, Samantha, has been feeling Metro’s absence as well. I am hoping that this loss is not too stressful for her. She is aging, but continues to do her thing. Their companionship was priceless and provided us with many chuckles.

Brien, thank you for your gentle and kind response to Krista. Just know that I too feel the comfort of your words. Much appreciated.”  -ST

“We called Brien and had a short discussion which convinced my daughter and myself that we needed his help.  At first we had trouble accepting the various things that he was saying, until we walked through the handouts that he gave to us.  We totally trusted Brien and his information, which helped us to face the death of our dear dog.  This was an amazing experience that we would recommend to any who are able.  Brien is knowledgeable, honest and a great teacher.  Thanks to you, Brien: things are going well.”       – KS

“I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for lending an ear and being too utterly kind and supportive, permitting me to voice my sorrow and for your kind words of understanding, encouragement and CARING and for you follow up phone calls. I REALLY appreciated that more than you can imagine. Thank you very very much for permitting me to share my pics, links and poems with you and for being such Angels on Earth, helping those with heavy hearts.” God Bless -LC

“My mother and I had several meetings with Brien.  They were very hard for us since we loved our animal so much.  But the gentle yet intelligent nature of our instructor made all seem to be well.  We even asked for a fourth night, which Brien agreed to have.  A great experience.     Thanks Brien”   -SS

“I know that from the first night we were able to cry openly and laugh at the memories of our beloved pets and that we were among those who really understood how we felt. I didn’t feel ‘stupid’ or ‘nuts’ for doing so. Of course I’ll always have fond memories of all my cats who have passed on but love the (four) boys and (one) girl I have now even more. My cats are not just ‘pets’ but loving members of my family. I’m just so glad that others feel the same about their four footed family member.” -T.

“I’d like to thank Brien for offering his heart and time to those of us that view our animal friends as important in our lives. He offers a safe place to learn about and process our loss. Thanks again Brien!”  -T.A.

“We were so thankful that we discovered the Pet Loss Bereavement and that it helped us to get our lives under more control.  The first night was very tough and we really questioned if this was going to help us at all.  But the second and third weeks became much easier.  Thank you, Brien, because you helped us through a very difficult time and we are better for the experience.” -K.J.

“Managing a cat rescue organization (Pet Patrol Cat Adoption- www.petpatrol.ca) can have its trials and tribulations.  I witness the tears and heartaches of people who have lost that other heart beat in their home: the emptiness, the anticipation of that purr, the softness of their fur and the sweet sound of a meow.  The connection between people and their feline family is strong and well justified.  To be able to voice your fears and heartaches with others through the Pet Bereavement programme and to share your pain, perhaps in a social networking situation, or through private counseling, is essential to moving forward, and allowing your love to continue with another cat.  There are more cats than there are good owners, your experience as a cat lover is invaluable for the poor souls left out on the street, with next to nothing to call their own.  Connecting with others and connecting with your cat are life’s luxuries and we all need to embrace those things.” – J.S.

“We were so thankful to have been a part of Brien’s grief counseling sessions.  Without this program we never would have come to terms with our grief as quickly as we did.  The program was directed at getting to the core of your reason for grieving and how to overcome it.  We owe Brien a big thank you for having very successfully facilitated this process.” -A.M.

“I have known Brien for many years.  I lost my  2 dogs as he was starting up Pet Loss Canada.  He took the time to listen and hear that these animals of mine had been an important part of my life.  He didn’t judge my feelings but helped me to think of ways to cope that I had not.  I thought I had dealt well with the grief but learned there were things I had not yet come to terms with.  I think Pet Loss Canada is important for anyone losing or who has lost a pet.”  -J.H.

“Course was great…………makes one feel they are not alone. Very knowledgeable and informative instructor. Excellent guest speaker. Pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.  Wish it were available years ago. Anyone who has suffered a loss should not miss this class/course!” -G.

“The “road of grief” would have been more desolate without the guidance.  Thank you for your trained perspective on how to bring out and show how to deal with this.  The experience was thoroughly worthwhile with rather amazing results.”  K.J.

Thanks so much Brien. Pets are wonderful and each one I’ve lost has a special
place in my heart. It’s nice to know that there are people like you out there
that can help guide people through this process, especially the ones that
weren’t lucky like me to learn that mourning an animal is OK at a young
age.    KC

Thank you for your response Brien.  Things have gotten easier.  We still miss
him terribly but we are coming to terms with the decision.  I can’t imagine
saving him and buying a couple more medicated months just to have him end up in
the same place again.  I wish we had known about the heart disease sooner so we
could have tried to prevent this, but we can’t change the past.  Thanks for
listening 🙂  JGC

I have already told family, friends and co-workers how helpful this (counselling) has been and encourage them to talk to Brien if ever needed.  THIS was just what I needed.     JG 

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